Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Instinct Tactical Squad. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Main information:

    We all want to have fun while we play, but we need to have some rules for players to ensure that everyone enjoys staying on the servers.

    We also encourage everyone on the servers to cooperate and to keep up a friendly atmosphere by representing a professional and mature behaviour.

    Admins are allowed to take action after rule violations without a prior warning.

    Play as a team! Rambo and solo methods are not allowed.

    Follow the rules of engagement!

    General rule 1 - server rules for SWAT servers:

    1.0) Lethal weapons are allowed to use on all servers with restrictions (see rules of engagement below).

    1.1) Be friendly and responsive, remember that you are a guest here.

    1.2) Keep the chat clear while the round is running - unless you are playing.

    1.3) Cooperation is mandatory, strict leadership is optional.

    1.4) If the leader has been chosen - follow orders.

    1.5) You are allowed to deny order if such order is unnecessary or is leading into dangerous situations.

    1.6) Do not enter rooms alone.

    1.7) Do not rush around - always play smoothly and with patience.

    1.8) Do not violate the team (team taze, team kill, etc.).

    1.9) Do not push players to kill civilans, suspects or team mates.

    1.10) Do not vote a new map while the game is running (applies to SWAT 4 TSS).

    1.11) Do not use political or offending nicknames.

    1.12) No abusive language or name calling.

    1.13) No discrimination of any kind against members or other players.

    1.14) Do not vote to kick any player without a serious reason, such as rule violation.

    1.15) Do not force or push anyone to ready up.

    1.16) Do not open doors while other player(s) are in front of it (mirroring, wedging, etc.).

    1.17) English language is mandatory - with exception of translations.

    1.18) No recruitment or advertisement for other clans!

    General rule 2 - rules of engagement:

    The use of lethal weapons is always restricted to a minimum!

    2.1) The use of deadly lethal force is allowed when suspects are presenting an immediate threat.

    2.2) Do not kill or harm restrained suspects.

    2.3) Do not kill or harm civilians.

    2.4) Do not violate the team (team taze, team kill, etc.)
    *subject to modifications #