Hello and welcome to the Recruitment Information page of the Instinct Tactical Squad.

To start with your application we have to make sure you take note on the following: We are looking for operators who are dedicated to exercise and use effective communication & teamwork.  Our expectations are defined by high standards for presence, leadership & competence.

Every member goes through a fair, yet regerous recruitment process where each and every core skill is put to the test.

The ranking system of the Unit requires a great amount of tactical education and cooperation. Casual players will quickly find themselves out of place. We utilize a wide range of tactics in both pvp-multiplayer and coop.

Your application will be reviewed with scrutiny and we will be mindful of certain impressions to ensure that we build a highly motivated and friendly playerbase.

FOR THE FUTURE: Since we are going to support Ready or Not within the Unit, you need to have a powerful PC to run the game. Players with low performance PC’s will need to upgrade in order to join our Unit!

If you believe you have what we expect from you and you are a fan of games like SWAT 4 or other tactical games then this is the right place for you.

Now, if you still want to join you need to fullfill the recruiting requirements and register on our homepage, then find the application blueprint, this Blueprint is to copy and paste it into your application topic. In your application topic fill out the required informations and wait for reply.

NOTE: Applications only allowed to invited Operators wich are known to the Unit!

Recruiting requirements:
This requirements are made to make sure we recieve only Operators with the natural dedication to professional gaming and teamwork.
We may have you invited If you are well known to the community / part of swat scene, or packed with “above average” skills & knowledge in CQB gaming & professional gameplay.

1.) We require a good sportsmanship, a strong & trustworthy / calm personality with friendly & professional behavior in servers and voicechat.
2.) Support the Unit by your frequent presence on forums & stay active on Discord / Teamspeak & InGame.
3.) You have to be active on voice chat within gaming sessions for a solid communication.
4.) We want our Unit members to represent the ITS ideology at all times while present.
5.) Join ITS Servers to play on and to keep the Servers active.
6.) Stay in touch with your buddys via steam, discord, teamspeak.
7.) Participate in Trainings and Unit related activities
8.) You must have a valid Steam / Discord account to recieve recruit status. (optional, please contact the staff)
9.) Agree to this Terms and Accept our Server Rules.

10.) You have to be at least 18 years old for a sucessful application to the Unit.

11.) You are asked to write down your own code of ethics within your application.

12.) You need to have a powerful PC wich fits the basic requirements to play Ready or Not!

If your application is done and legit, we will review it with care and you’ll get a feedback in your application topic after 1-3 days. After your application you will be monitored by Sgt.+ in a game session followed by a personal interview hold by a Lt.+ to check if we give a green light for the recruitment. Depending on your given “Recruit” status you’ll recieve, we continue with a  monitoring of your personality & integration into the Element. You allso have to join at least 1 Basic Training session within recruitment time. Your next stage after a successful recruitment time is a test where we do test your BASIC skill on a test environment. If you pass the test successfully we will do a swearing-in and you will become the rank of Officer! If you fail the test you have a second chance to “replay” your test. If you fail the replay your application will be discontinued and you have to reapply after 4 weeks.